Episode 31: Three-Way Super Like (with Special Guest Nate Hale)

The guys are joined by Nate Hale from The Conspirators Podcast for a Spooky good time!

Hocus Pocus or Hocus Bogus

1) Creepshow 3 (2007): A sequel to 1982 and 1987’s Creepshow Films

Abandoning the horror comic book framework that linked the stories in Romero’s original, Creepshow 3 takes the annoying tactic of unskillfully borrowing from the films of Quentin Tarantino, where characters from different segments randomly collide throughout the film.

The vignettes (which include stories about a remote control that can change your ethnicity, and a radio that commands listeners to murder) lack inspiration, and the effects aren’t very special. Adding insult to injury, Creepshow 3 has been deemed unofficial, with fans of the original choosing to believe makeup artist Tom Savini’s assertion that 1990’s Tales from the Darkside: The Movie was meant to the be the official third film in the Creepshow franchise.

Rotten Tomatoes-0%


2) The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and became Mixed Up Zombies (1964):

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies is as bewildering as its title. Billed as the “first monster musical,” the movie stars Ray Dennis Steckler (who also directs) as Jerry, a ne’er-do-well who attends a carnival with his girlfriend Angela (Sharon Walsh) and indescribable friend Harold (Atlas King).

What should be a care-free day at the park turns into a nightmare after Jerry visits the villainous psychic Estrella (Brett O’Hara), who hypnotizes him and turns him into a murderous zombie that attacks carnival attendees with psychotic glee. To make matters worse, Estrella and her goons are turning other carnival-goers into zombies after hurling acid in their faces.

Keep in mind all these bizarre antics are often interrupted by shoehorned musical performances featuring ungraceful dancers and tone-deaf vocalists.

Rotten Tomatoes-20%


3) Evilspeak (1981): 

Clint Howard is a bullied social outcast who uses his satanic computer to get revenge on his classmates. You know the computer has the Devil in it because it flashes a glowing blood-red pentagram at him and inspires him to commit himself to the dark lord. Puppies are killed in the process. It’s part of a long and dorky tradition of horror movies that are really about the fear of a nascent technology (or whatever all the kids happen to be into at that moment in the culture).

Rotten Tomatoes-43%


4) Maximum Overdrive (1986)- 

After a stray comet causes a radiation storm, the citizens of North Carolina are besieged by machines that turn against them. The most deadly instruments are big rig trucks that go on a killing spree. It’s up to a group of survivors (led by a truck-stop diner cook played by Emilio Estevez) to stop their mechanized reign of terror.

Maximum Overdrive is absolutely bonkers, with enough elements of black comedy to infer that King wasn’t out to make a serious film, which adds to its junk-food appeal. But the poor critical reviews and box office made him vow never to direct again (a number of on-set accidents that led to a lawsuit probably helped his decision).

Rotten Tomatoes- 17%

maximum overdrive.jpg

5) Creature (2011)-

Creature (or as I like to call it, "pornography with a monster") is about a bunch of college students who come to a town because of a legend about this creature who used to be a regular guy then transformed into a crocodile/human monster. Ladies and gentlemen, this movie is TERRIBLE! It's pure bad from beginning to end.

How are the monster effects? Terrible. How is the acting? Terrible. How is it written? I think a drunken ape with a pen and paper could have written a better script. Is it scary? No. Is it fun like Evil Dead 2? Nope. It's just an awful movie that I cannot believe made it into theaters.

Rotten Tomatoes- 11%


6) The Boy (2016): 
A young American woman (The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny at a remote, English stately home to look after a suspiciously elderly couple’s eight-year-old son, Brahms. The ‘son’ naturally turns out to be a porcelain doll, the real Brahms having died in a fire years earlier.

Spooky stuff starts happening when the doll starts moving around by himself alongside a daft romantic subplot with a flirty grocery boy and plenty of schlocky twists. Unluckily for us, The Boy’s predictable ending leaves the movie wide open for an equally bad sequel too. Please no.

Rotten Tomatoes-27%


7) The Disappointments Room (2016): 

The Disappointments Room stars Kate Beckinsale as Dana who moves with her husband and young son into a spooky old house following the tragic death of the couple’s infant daughter.

Dana discovers her new house is home to a ‘disappointments room’, a place where the intolerant folk of the olden days would hide away children with disabilities from the rest of the world, and is haunted by the spirit of one of its former inhabitants. Now, horror isn’t exactly the most light-hearted of genres but a movie with a grieving mother and the ghost of a neglected child is grim even for horror.

Beyond its upsetting plot, the film is as much of a disappointment as its title would suggest. Not only did it get a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it also flopped massively at the box office recouping just $2.4 million of its $15 million budget.

Rotten Tomatoes-0%

the disappointments room.jpeg

Listen to who wins at: Episode 31: Three-Way Super Like

Episode 29: WHO WAS PHONE? (with Special Guests History Goes Bump)

1. Killdozer! (1974)- A film about a possessed bulldozer that goes on a killing spree

This one never hit theaters; it was made for ABC Television. But its cult reveres it mostly because of its idiotic premise (and admittedly amazing title, complete with superfluous exclamation point). And what a Grade A idiot premise it is: a meteorite with strange powers lands on Earth. When a work crew tries to move it with a bulldozer, the heavy shoveling equipment is possessed by the alien boulder’s power and goes on a killing rampage. And then it just dissipates. Biggest disappointment: thanks to its TV movie status there was never a cool poster created to trumpet its arrival on the junk culture scrapheap.


2. Happy Birthday to Me! (1981)- A film revolving around killings taking place on the birthday of the main character, specifically at their party

In the creative aftermath of “Black Christmas,” “Halloween,” and “Friday the 13th,” the 1980s turned into a muddy cesspool of slash-alike calendar-centric movies. “Graduation Day,” “My Bloody Valentine” and others painted by the numbers and sent a stream of murdered teen bodies down the multiplex conveyor belt. This one barely accomplished even that goal, loosely tying stalker-style murders around the birthday of “Little House on The Prairie” star Melissa Sue Anderson. In fact, it appears that the entire film’s reason to exist is to deliver the kabob-skewering-a-face murder depicted on the gruesome poster. Worse, they convinced aging screen legend Glenn Ford to be in it.

27% on Rotten Tomatoes


3. Trick or Treat (1986)- The soul of a famous rockstar is trapped in his unreleased record urging a teen to kill

In the 1980s, “satanic panic” was all the rage, and an especially loopy strain of it existed in the form of preachers holding seminars on the perils of heavy metal, particularly if played backwards on turntables. Hence this story about a teenage metalhead (Marc Price, Skippy from “Family Ties”) whose favorite rock star dies in a mysterious fire. The only copy of his new, unreleased record, however, contains his spirit. When played backwards, the rocker helps his teen fan to get revenge on bullies. But when the evil rocker suggests murder, it’s up to our hero to smash any electronic equipment that would convey the message. Finally the mean music man is lured into a cassette tape and destroyed. Best (worst) of all, this one tried to have its devil’s-food cake and it eat it too by casting Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, two men whose acting talents are inversely proportional to their music-making skills.

71% on Rotten Tomatoes


4. Blood Freak (1972)- A film in which a man working on a poultry farm turn into a murderous turkey man and feasts on the blood of others.

Doubling as a film perfect to watch on Halloween and Thanksgiving, Blood Freak is a true oddity– a horror film that also doubles as an anti-drug PSA… that makes you feel like you’re on drugs. Herschell (Steve Hawkes) is a Vietnam Vet (and Elvis lookalike) whose world turns around after he meets Angel (Heather Hughes). While she is as pious and religious as her namesake suggests, he takes a turn for the worse after falling for her drug-addicted sister (Dana Cullivan).

Soon he’s also hooked, and turns to a turkey farm job to fund his habit. But his problems only escalate when he’s asked to eat some lab-grown fowl that turn him into a murderous man-turkey who has a new kind of drug habit: drinking the blood of junkies.

Blood Freak is one trippy flick, with bad editing and awkward performances only adding to the disorienting plot. Even more quizzical is the addition of an onscreen narrator (director Brad F. Grinter), who acts like a poor man’s Rod Serling, so prone to chain-smoking that he actually coughs on camera


5. Gingerdead Man (2005)- A film about a murderous Gingerbread man

Serial killer Millard Findlemeyer is executed for his crimes. His ashes are given to his mother, and she mixes them into gingerbread spice mix, and then gives it to a local bakery. By the way, Millard's mother is a witch. The bakery uses the concoction (and adds some accidental employee blood, because it is a terrible, disgusting bakery) to make a large gingerbread man that comes to life and begins killing people.

It's ridiculous in every sense of the word, but there is one thing that actually makes the movie rather creepy. The voice of The Gingerdead Man is Gary Busey. No one is saying that, in real life, Gary Busey himself is a giant, humanoid gingerbread creature with a hunger for human flesh. But no one is saying he isn't, either.

And the sequels are worth checking out, if only for their titles: Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion Of The Crust and Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver.


6. One Missed Call (2008)- A film about a possessed cell phone that calls people before they die

Cell phones possessed by evil spirits call their victims in advance of their deaths. Then the victims die. No one thinks to change their number, get rid of the phone or simply send the death spirit to voice mail. At one point in the film an exorcism is performed on a phone.

0% on Rotten Tomatoes...yes we said zero.


7. The Unborn (2009)- The ghost of a child killed during the holocaust terrorizes a young woman

The angry, restless spirit of a boy — one half of a set of twins — killed in the Holocaust during World War II, roams history waiting to be reborn. So it makes perfect sense that he’d select a hot teen girl of 2008 as the object of his wrath. There are murders, hallucinations, tornado-like exorcisms and a crazily over-acting Jane Alexander shouting about the Holocaust. Fun project: Find a fan of ludicrously bad movies and say “Jumby wants to be born now.” Watch their eyes light up.

10% on Rotten Tomatoes


Listen to this week's episode: Episode 29: WHO WAS PHONE?

Episode 28: Classic Yogurt Poisoning

The boys are back to the newer but quite popular game 2 Fast 2 Trivia. This time though Chris is recovering from Food Poisoning so his answers are extra interesting. 

Try these questions out with your friends and see if you can do better than the guys!

Chris’ questions to Steven

  1. What does the I in FBI stand for? Investigation
  2. Ronald Reagan was the first "what" to become President of the United States? Actor
  3. Prunes are dried what? Plums
  4. How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis? One day
  5. What’s another name for the Academy Awards? The Oscars
  6. Which part of a beetle's body is a skeleton? The outside
  7. What is the name used for the study of earthquakes? Seismology
  8. How fast can a honey bee fly? 15 mph
  9. What is the first two rules of fight club? You don’t talk about fight club
  10. Which planet has the most moons? Jupiter, 67 known moons
  11. What’s the most common name for a goldfish? Jaws
  12. Who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird”? Harper Lee
  13. Why are flamingos pink? From eating shrimp
  14. Who is Bambi’s best friend in the movie Bambi? Thumper
  15. What does the “B” stand for in Lyndon B. Johnson? Baines

Steven’s questions to Chris

  1. Where do the Flinstones live? Bedrock
  2. What’s the Nickname of the state of California? The Golden State
  3. What sour fruit is used to make Lemonade? Lemons
  4. In Mulan how did the other soldiers find out she was a woman? She was wounded in battle
  5. In the nursery rhyme, who was in the tub with the baker and the candlestick maker? The Butcher
  6. Why did Batman decide to become a superhero? To avenge his parent's murder
  7. What were Dumbledore’s last words? "Severus, please"
  8. What two toppings are on a Hawaiian pizza? Ham and Pineapple
  9. On Pokémon, how did Ash and Misty first meet? Ash wrecks her bike while trying to escape from Spiros
  10. Finish the Lyric: “Do your ears hang low...can you throw them over your shoulder like a...? "Continental Soldier"
  11. What’s are female elephants called? Cows
  12. What is Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase? “To Infinity and Beyond”
  13. What is your [Chris’s] favorite snack? Goldfish Crackers
  14. What date did our ["Is This Adulting?"] first episode release? April 6, 2017
  15. How many tattoos do I [Steven] have? 8

Who won? You'll have to listen to see: Episode 28: Classic Yogurt Poisoning

Episode 26: Sexy Hamburgler

The guys take their shot at recasting another popular piece of Pop Culture by recasting Parks and Rec on this episode's round of "Cast-Off."


    Chris’ Cast:

    • Leslie: Phil from "Modern Family"
    • Ron: Roz the office administrator from Monsters Inc.
    • Tom: Neil Patrick Harris as Barney from "How I Met Your Mother"
    • Andy: Rebel Wilson
    • April: Craig Robinson aka Darryl from "The Office"

    Steven’s Cast:

    • Leslie: Allison Brie
    • Ron: Robert Downey Jr.
    • Tom: Michael Strahan
    • Andy: Troy from "Community" (Played by Donald Glover)
    • April: Anfisa (from 90 Day Fiancé)

    Listen to why the cast who the did: Episode 26: Sexy Hamburgler

    Episode 25: The Kissing Hour (with Special Guest Lanie Hobbs)

    Lanie Hobbs of the True Crime Fan Club and We’re All Just Pretending Podcasts comes on to play another exciting addition of Tatt-EWW where her and Steven have to guess which is a real tattoo and which is one Chris just made up. Take a listen and follow along to see some of these interesting pieces of art.

    1. Waldo from Where’s Waldo : Adult Version

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.14.42 PM.png

    2. For the Love of Brenda

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.14.56 PM.png

    3. Meat Baby: When Shading Changes Everything

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.15.08 PM.png

    4. As good going in as it is going out...

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.15.26 PM.png

    5. BUTT-erfly

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.15.39 PM.png

    Listen to who won this exciting and somewhat gross round of Tatt-EWW: Episode 25: The Kissing Hour

    Episode 23: All My Fluff (with Special Guests See Here’s the Thing)

    This week the guys are joined by the hilarious hosts of the amazing podcast "See, Here's the Thing." They took an old Middle School classic slow jam and turned it into another round of Rad Libs. If you want to play for yourself here's the template!

    All My Life

    I will never (a verb that sounds intense) another (noun) sweeter than you, Sweeter than you. And I will never (another word for “choose”) another (noun) more (a word you’d use to describe a puppy) than you, More (a word you’d use to describe a puppy) than you. 

    (NOUN)YOU–ARE close to me you're like my (thing), Close to me you're like my (profession), Close to me you're like my (something you might collect), Close to me you're like my (animal)You are the only one my (pet name you’d give your romantic partner) and for you this song I sing.

    And all my life I've (verb ending with “ed”) for someone like you. And I thank (well known figure) that I, that I finally found you. All my life I've (action verb) for someone like you. And I hope that you feel the same way too. Yes, I pray that you do (something that you’d do for someone one) me------

    YOU’RE-ALL-THAT-I’VE-EVER-KNOWN (VERB)-AND-I’LL-ALWAYS-KNOW, You picked me up when I was (emotion) and I hope that you (something you do every day) the same way too, Yes I pray that you do love me----

    And all my life I've (something you do in a hurry) for someone like (name)And I thank (a role model you had growing up) that I, that I finally (verb ending with “ed”) you. All my life I've prayed for someone like (how you might describe something old)And I hope that you (a funny verb) the same way too. Yes, I pray that you do (a funny verb) me too.

    Listen to their version...It's worth it, we promise: Episode 23: All My Fluff

    Episode 22: A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

    The guys introduce a new game into the mix called 2 Fast 2 Trivia where they quiz each other on random trivia questions but only have seconds to respond. See how well you can do:

    Chris’s Questions to Steven

    1. What country does Legos come from? Denmark
    2. What is a group of lions called? A Pride
    3. What’s called if you have a fear of spiders? Arachnophobia
    4. What title was given to the rulers of Ancient Egypt? Pharoah
    5. What was Barney Rubble’s occupation on the Flintstones?  Dino-crane operator
    6. Name all of Santa’s reindeer? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph
    7. What was Henry the VIII known for having a lot of? Wives
    8. Where do acorns come from? Oak Trees
    9. Sing the jingle for Meow Mix? “Meow meow meow meow meow”
    10. Why did Shrek go and get Princess Fiona? Because Lord Farquaad would give him back control of him swamp
    11. Which sea separates Europe from Africa?  Mediterranean
    12. How many ounces are there in 18 pounds? 288
    13. What’s the most popularly consumed fruit in the world? Banana
    14. How many players are on a rugby team? 15, not counting subs
    15. Name three types of sharks? (Look online at list)

    Steven’s Questions to Chris

    1. What do children ride on to school? Bus
    2. What was Professor Snape’s first name? Severus
    3. How many reindeer does Santa have? 8 or 9
    4. What is the oldest type of tree on earth? Pine
    5. Where does Mufasa warn Simba to never go? The elephant graveyard
    6. How many planets are in the solar system? 9 (We include PLUTO)
    7. Why did Anakin Skywalker turn to the dark side? To save his wife
    8. Names your five senses: Taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing
    9. Where did you come from, where did you go? No answer, Steven was just being a jerk
    10. Frozen came out in what year? 2013
    11. How long does it take the moon to go around the earth? One month
    12. Why was Hercules cast out of Mt. Olympus? He was made half mortal
    13. What is the last level in Mario Kart 64? Rainbow road
    14. What other sport did Michael Jordan play? Baseball
    15. In Beauty and the Beast, why was the curse cast on the castle? He turned way an enchantress

    See who won: Episode 22: A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

    Episode 21: Here comes the Bride… (with Special Guest Mike Brown)

    Friend of the show Mike Brown of the Pleasing Terrors Podcast joins the guys as they look at some of the strangest news in the papers on this week's round of News or False! Here are some of the strange stories you can follow along while you listen!

    1. Man conducts test to discover which part of the body hurts the most when you're stung by a bee.


    2. Truck wrecks on Highway releasing sharks onto neighboring cars


    3. Family’s cat brought down an attempted robbery in Indiana neighborhood  

    • True!

    • Man attempted knocking on window claiming someone was trying to kill him. She refused to let him in so he broke into the window, but he didn’t realize that Binkie, the family cat, had other plans. Binkie continually ravished the man, leaving him screaming begging for the cat to stop. Craziest part? He’s declawed. The man was taken to the hospital due to the extent of his injuries

    • http://www.nbcnews.com/video/cat-foils-burglary-963925059745


    Find out who won this week's News or False: Episode 21: Here comes the Bride…

    Episode 19: Bear Mace Tales (with Special Guest Tawny Platis)

    Here's another new game inspired by our wonderful guest and podcast sister Tawny Platis from the Dirty Bits Podcast! As someone with a few tattoos, Chris thought he'd find some ideas for  her if she wants to get another. See if you can guess which one is real and which one is fake by listening! Afterwards come back to see just how....unique...some of these real life tattoos are. 

    1. Cartoon depiction of human centipede


    2. An incredible hulk-ish strong looking Jesus who is literally ripping himself of the cross


    3. A majestic unicorn with the face of Tupac Shakor


    4. A death threat for Ray Romano


    Tiebreaker: Receipt from trip to McDonald's


    Find out who won this tough battle: Episode 19: Bear Mace Tales

    Episode 18: Squirrel Candy

    A First for the guys! Steven takes over and leads a game! He draws inspiration from one of his biggest fears...Mascots. Chris has to guess which ones are real and which mascots did he make up. Follow along so you can see them for yourself!

    1. North Carolina School of the Arts Fighting Pickles

    • True!

    2. New Orleans Pelicans: The king Cake Baby

    • True!

    3. Rhode Island School of Design: Scrotie The Nads

    • True!
    • Eh....just go google it haha

    4. Samburg High School in Albany New York: The Shuttlecocks

    • False!

    . Richland High school in Richland Washington: The Bombers

    • True!

    6. Savannah Bananas- Savannha GA, Minor League Baseball Team

    • True!

    7. St Louis College of Pharmacology- Eutectic

    • True!

    8. Washburn University Topeka, KS- The Fighting Gentleman Peanuts

    • False!
    • The mascot of Washburn, a small school in Topeka, Kan., is the Ichabods. According to the school's website, the name is not related to Ichabod Crane from "Sleepy Hollow" or Mr. Peanut of Planter's Peanuts. Instead, the name comes from Ichabod Washburn, an early benefactor of the school.

    9. William’s School Purple Cow

    • True!

    10. Poca High School- Poca, West Virginia “The Poca dancers”

    • False!
    • It'd be a crime for Poca's teams to be called anything BUT the Dots. If there's a better marriage of town name and school mascot in America, we've yet to come across it.

    Go listen to some of the crazy stories of how they got their origins: Episode 18: Squirrel Candy

    Episode 17: Krack-A-Boom-Boom (with Special Guests from Insight)

    The guys are joined by the gals of the incredibly popular Insight Podcast. They brought back Rad Libs and took the popular song 500 Miles from the Proclaimers and remade it...with just a few changes. If you want to take the template and play it with your friends just follow below:

    "I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)"

    When I (verb) up, well, I know I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be the (noun) who (verb +s) up next to (pronoun)When I go (verb), yeah, I know I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be the (noun) who (verb +s) along with (name).

    If I (action), well, I know I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be the (noun) who (verb +s) next to (name)And if I (verb), hey, I know I'm gonna be. I'm gonna be the (noun) who's (verb ending in “ING”) to you.

    But I would (verb) (number) (unit of measurement)And I would (verb) (number) more. Just to be the (noun) who (verb +ed) a (number) (another term for length)To fall down at your door.

    (4 syllable noise/onomatopoeia), (4 syllable noise/onomatopoeia)

    (Random noises or Just a bunch of gibberish)

    (4 syllable noise/onomatopoeia), (4 syllable noise/onomatopoeia)

    (Random noises or Just a bunch of gibberish)

    But I would (verb) (distance)And I would (verb) (number) more. Just to be the (noun) who (verb) a (number) (noun)To (verb) down at your door.

    Listen to their version here: Episode 17: Krack-A-Boom-Boom

    Episode 16: One of the Boys (with Special Guest Hal Lublin)

    This week Hal Lublin from shows including Tights and Fights, We Got This, and Welcome to Nightvale becomes One of the Boys as they play the oldie but goodie THE PRICE IS WHAT?!?! Go and listen to see if you can guess the prices yourself and then come back to see some of the crazy things Chris found being sold on the Internet this week.

    1. Ex’s Wedding Dress-$3850

    • American Larry Star was so disillusioned by his marriage break-up that he not only sold his ex-wife's wedding dress on eBay — but he modeled the dress as well. Spreading his size 12' frame around the world, the dress sold for $3850. 

    2. The GoGo Stik Dog Poo Catcher- $25


    3. December Diamonds Officer Ripped Merman Holiday Ornament- $35


    4. Crafting with Cat Hair- $7.75

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 5.37.49 PM.png

    Check out who won between Steven and Hal...Hint: It came down to the wire: Episode 16: One of the Boys

    Episode 15: Steven’s Baby Nightmare... (with Special Guest Marissa Jones)

    In honor of our special guest Marissa Jones of the Vanished Podcast who was pregnant, Chris went online to find some of the strangest baby products on the market. See if Steven and Marissa can figure out what they do:

    Item One:

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 5.17.42 PM.png

    Item Two:

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 5.21.53 PM.png

    Item Three:

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 5.24.05 PM.png

    Listen to Steven freak out about some of these Baby products: Episode 15: Steven’s Baby Nightmare...

    Episode 12: The Golden Grahams Threat

    The guys look at what weird things have happened in the news in their game "News or False." Go and take a listen and come back and read these crazy stories for yourself. 


    1. Florida Woman attempts to steal a rake from the store by hiding it in her clothing

    • False!
      • An accused thief hid 15 bottles of motor oil and 30 DVDs in his pants and tried to leave a Florida convenience store with the items, before an officer caught him walking out.



    2. Disgruntled man releases bees in a government office in Maine as payback

    • False!
      • This man dumps bed bugs in the government building when he gets upset...



    3. Largest bass caught in Texas lake using McDonald's chicken McNugget

    • True! 



    Go and listen to the game here: Episode 12: The Golden Grahams Threat

    Episode 11: Already Doug (with Special Guest Nina Innsted)

    Chris introduces a new game called "Rad Libs" for our guest Nina Innsted from the "Already Gone" podcast. He takes a popular song and makes it into a mad lib for their listening pleasure.

    If you want to use this for your friends and family follow the template below:

    "Don't Stop Believing"

    Just a small town (noun)Livin' in a lonely world, (He/She/They/It) took the (Time of Day) train goin' anywhere

    Just a (adjective) (noun)Born and raised in south (location).  (He/She/They/It) took the (Time of Day) train goin' anywhere.

    A singer in a (adjective) room, A smell of (noun) and cheap (noun)For a (verb) they can share the night, It goes (preposition) and (preposition) , and (preposition), and (preposition).

    Strangers (verb)Up and down the (place)Their shadows (verb-ing) in the night.

    Streetlights, (noun)(verb) just to find emotion. Hidin' somewhere in the night

    Don't Stop (action verb-ing)Hold on to the (noun)Streetlight, (noun)(onomatopoeia).

    Don't Stop (action verb-ing)Hold on to the (noun)Streetlight, (noun). (onomatopoeia).

    Listen to the song they came up with here: Episode 11: Already Doug 

    Episode 9: Tiger and Peacock (with Special Guest Justin Evans)

    It's another round of the fan favorite "THE PRICE IS WHAT?!?!?!" where Chris searches the internet to find some of the strangest things that people have actually purchased. Here's the items but make sure you go listen before you look!!

    1. Justin Timberlake's half-eaten French toast- $1,025

    • Left behind after an interview with a New York radio station, the old food was sold for $1,025 in 2000. A DJ put the leftover breakfast up for auction, and a 19-year-old superfan placed the winning bid.

    2. A suit of armor for a guinea pig- $1,150

    • The creator promised that the tiny hand-made suit (and matching helmet) would keep a "guinea pig protected and secure in all situations." He sold it for $1,150 in 2013.

    3. Serial Killer’s Fingernails- Roy Noris’ fingernails- $9.99

    • "Serial Killer Roy Norris. "In 1979, Lawrence Bittaker and prison buddy Roy Norris set out on a mission to pick up young girls and brutally rape, torture, and kill them." The pair claimed 5 victims, but authorities felt the real number was much higher. Three of Roy's fingernails, affixed with a small piece of tape, to a "recycled" card (the back of a portion of a color Christmas card), approx. 4"x2.5" in size. He's penned a long note authenticating the nails, which fills half the card. At bottom right, he's signed IN FULL over a perfect right thumbprint, in black ink. Absolutely guaranteed authentic for life, or your money back. "

    4. A latex Casey Anthony mask- $999,900

    • Originally made for a parody video. It was called "possibly the most frightening mask on the planet." It finally sold for $999,900 in 2011.

    Listen to the guys react to some of the crazy prices: Episode 9: Tiger and Peacock

    Episode 7: May the Fourth… (with Special Guest Jeremy Collins)

    The guys have special guest Jeremy Collins from "Podcasts We Listen To" play The Price is WHAT?!?!?! Where Chris finds weird things that were sold on the internet that people actually paid money for.

    Here's the items for this week's game, but if you haven't heard it yet go listen and then come back to see these crazy things!

    1. Haunted Rubber Duck- $107.50

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 4.32.45 PM.png

    2. Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese- $28,000

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 4.36.15 PM.png

    3. Kari Smith’s Forehead- $10,000

    Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 4.37.58 PM.png

    4. THE MEANING OF LIFE- $3.26

    A mystical North Carolinian decided to give Monty Python a run for its money back in 2000. “I have discovered the reason for existence,” he wrote, “and will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder.” Since then, neither the buyer nor seller has gone public with the contents of his revelation.

    Listen to it here: Episode 7: May the Fourth…

    Episode 2: Boo-Boo Face

    The guys introduce their newest game "Cast Off" where they take a popular movie or show from Pop Culture and see if they can find a cast of people that they think could do a good remake. Here's what they came up with:

    Chris's Cast:

    • Luke- Maury Povich
    • Leia- Melissa McCarthy
    • Han- Taye Diggs
    • Chewbacca- Shakira
    • Yoda- Bernie Sanders
    • Obi-wan- Madea
    • Voice of Vader- Christopher Walken
    • Duo: C3p0 and R2D2- Aziz Ansari and DJ Roomba

    Steven's Cast:

    • Luke- Tom Holland
    • Leia- Saoirse Ronan
    • Han- Chris Pratt
    • Chewbacca- Vin Diesel
    • Yoda- Tom Hardy
    • Obi-wan- Mark Hammill
    • Voice of Vader- Morgan Freeman
    • Duo: C3p0 and R2D2- The Rock and Kevin Hart

    Listen to their reasoning here: Episode 2: Boo-Boo Face