Episode 49: Feline Gun Safety (with special guest Lauren Shippen of the Bright Sessions)

The guys introduce a new game into the mix! We call it "Shelf Awareness." Chris finds some of the strangest real-life books that were written and they have to guess which one is real! 

Here's the actual books...get ready...they're weird.

1) Extreme Ironing

See the book for yourself!


2) Does God Ever Speak Through Cats?

Check it out...right Meow


3) Bombproof Your Horse: Teach Your Horse to Be Confident, Obedient, and Safe, No Matter What You Encounter

This book's sales are blowing up....get it?


5) Learning to Play With a Lion’s Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa

You'll have a ball if you read this book...Ok it's getting too easy now...don't be upset with me...I'd hate to see you get testy...God I'm good at this


If you want to see who won the game, or you just want to hear what crazy books Chris came up with, go listen now! Episode 49: Feline Gun Safety