Episode 26: Sexy Hamburgler

The guys take their shot at recasting another popular piece of Pop Culture by recasting Parks and Rec on this episode's round of "Cast-Off."


    Chris’ Cast:

    • Leslie: Phil from "Modern Family"
    • Ron: Roz the office administrator from Monsters Inc.
    • Tom: Neil Patrick Harris as Barney from "How I Met Your Mother"
    • Andy: Rebel Wilson
    • April: Craig Robinson aka Darryl from "The Office"

    Steven’s Cast:

    • Leslie: Allison Brie
    • Ron: Robert Downey Jr.
    • Tom: Michael Strahan
    • Andy: Troy from "Community" (Played by Donald Glover)
    • April: Anfisa (from 90 Day Fiancé)

    Listen to why the cast who the did: Episode 26: Sexy Hamburgler