Episode 19: Bear Mace Tales (with Special Guest Tawny Platis)

Here's another new game inspired by our wonderful guest and podcast sister Tawny Platis from the Dirty Bits Podcast! As someone with a few tattoos, Chris thought he'd find some ideas for  her if she wants to get another. See if you can guess which one is real and which one is fake by listening! Afterwards come back to see just how....unique...some of these real life tattoos are. 

1. Cartoon depiction of human centipede


2. An incredible hulk-ish strong looking Jesus who is literally ripping himself of the cross


3. A majestic unicorn with the face of Tupac Shakor


4. A death threat for Ray Romano


Tiebreaker: Receipt from trip to McDonald's


Find out who won this tough battle: Episode 19: Bear Mace Tales