Episode 18: Squirrel Candy

A First for the guys! Steven takes over and leads a game! He draws inspiration from one of his biggest fears...Mascots. Chris has to guess which ones are real and which mascots did he make up. Follow along so you can see them for yourself!

1. North Carolina School of the Arts Fighting Pickles

  • True!

2. New Orleans Pelicans: The king Cake Baby

  • True!

3. Rhode Island School of Design: Scrotie The Nads

  • True!
  • Eh....just go google it haha

4. Samburg High School in Albany New York: The Shuttlecocks

  • False!

. Richland High school in Richland Washington: The Bombers

  • True!

6. Savannah Bananas- Savannha GA, Minor League Baseball Team

  • True!

7. St Louis College of Pharmacology- Eutectic

  • True!

8. Washburn University Topeka, KS- The Fighting Gentleman Peanuts

  • False!
  • The mascot of Washburn, a small school in Topeka, Kan., is the Ichabods. According to the school's website, the name is not related to Ichabod Crane from "Sleepy Hollow" or Mr. Peanut of Planter's Peanuts. Instead, the name comes from Ichabod Washburn, an early benefactor of the school.

9. William’s School Purple Cow

  • True!

10. Poca High School- Poca, West Virginia “The Poca dancers”

  • False!
  • It'd be a crime for Poca's teams to be called anything BUT the Dots. If there's a better marriage of town name and school mascot in America, we've yet to come across it.

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