Meet the Team


Chris Grimmett: Co-Host

Chris lives in Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Kate and his dog Auggie. He's passionate about making the world a better, more joyful, and accepting place. He loves hiking, sports, and all things outside (well when he's not binge watching Netflix). He's the most talkative, detail-oriented, laid back combination of a personality you'll every meet. Basically he at times can get a little obnoxious...and he's sorry about that. But he'll love you so hard you'll forgive him in the process. And yes...He's aware that picture of him makes him look like he's trying to be a model...He is be gentle with him, he's quite sensitive.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.50.24 AM.png

Steven Pappas: Co-Host

Steven lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Katie and way too big Great Pyr named Ghost. He is bad at talking about himself. Here’s some facts:

He got a bidet because of kind words from Travis McElroy.

He once had a heart-to-heart conversation with someone trying to mug him.

He once sat on a stage with Allegra Frank, Hannah Hart, and Justin McElroy without passing out!

He is DEATHLY afraid of mascots. You should be too…


Lauren Vogel: Production Manager

Lauren is a New Jersey native with dreams of one day saying she is from New York. She was a TV and Film major in college which makes the fact that she is working on a non-visual medium very ironic. She has been told that she drinks so much coffee that it is basically a part of her identity and that she is very opinionated about EVERYTHING (both are character traits she is proud of). She is incredibly passionate about a lot of things, some of which include film production, theatre, Marvel, Harry Potter, yoga, and all things Disney. Speaking of Disney, she is scary good at Disney trivia and it can probably be considered her hidden talent. Her life long dreams are to produce award winning video content and to one day be able to provide a wonderful life for a dog.