Chris Grimmett

Chris lives in Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Kate and his dog Auggie. He's passionate about making the world a better, more joyful, and accepting place. He loves hiking, sports, and all things outside (well when he's not binge watching Netflix). He's the most talkative, detail-oriented, laid back combination of a personality you'll every meet. Basically he at times can get a little obnoxious...and he's sorry about that. But he'll love you so hard you'll forgive him in the process. And yes...He's aware that picture of him makes him look like he's trying to be a model...He is be gentle with him, he's quite sensitive.


Steven Pappas

Steven lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Katie and way too big Great Pyr named Ghost. His picture is way less glamorous than Chris's. It was taken on his honeymoon on one of the sets of LOST, which he loves. Cut him some slack! He is a life-long nerd, rabid coffee consumer, podcast addict, and sometimes funny person. When he isn't hosting, you will usually find him walking around a Target (just to unwind), reading comic books, or going for long walks on the beach... Just kidding. He hates the beach. And long walks...


By Their powers combined...

Steven and Chris have been close friends for upwards of a decade. I mean, look at that picture. If that doesn't say true friendship, I'm not sure what does. They survived the sketchiest house imaginable in college, have had countless phone conversations from sketchy restaurant bathrooms, and are here for your entertainment. 

While they may get serious from time to time and discuss mental health issues (which both have struggled with), they never take themselves too seriously. I mean, for real, just look at that picture.